Carmelo Anthony Needs To Humble Himself, Sign With Dallas Mavericks

Carmelo Anthony

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Per Marc Stein of, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony would, should he opt out of the final year of his contract, consider the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. Wow, that’s news to Mavericks fans, because it didn’t seem like Anthony was even semi-interested in joining the Mavericks.

Still, it’s just hard to picture Anthony in a Mavericks jersey. Then again, we did get used to seeing NBA legend Michael Jordan in a Washington Wizards jersey, so nothing is impossible. On the surface, it would seem like playing alongside Derrick Rose would be enough to woo Anthony and his beautiful wife Lala to the Windy City, but the injury-prone Rose hasn’t done much ‘playing’ the last three seasons.

Playing with Dwight Howard in Houston would probably be tastier to Anthony than playing with Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas, but then there’s that James Harden guy. Harden, like Anthony, loves to hog the life out of the basketball, so it’s difficult to imagine Anthony taking a backseat to the young fella. And don’t forget Anthony and Jeremy Lin have bad blood stemming from their time together in New York.

So, maybe when you look at it that way, you can actually see Anthony in Maverick blue. Nowitzki is the most unselfish superstar in the history of the game and his sidekick, Monta Ellis, isn’t as good a scorer as Anthony, so the Mavericks would be Anthony’s team. But it’s not the popular decision, and Anthony is a pretty superficial guy.

Nevertheless, Anthony needs to get away from all that glitz and just humble himself.

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  • htitzhoff

    I can imagine the ‘allas Mavs (no D) with Anthony at SF. As long as they scored 135 points, they would have a chance to win.

  • Miotch

    Defense is overrated. If you remember correctly, the Mavericks won tons of games without playing any D. So yeah, I imagine they would have a ‘chance’.

    • CharlesS702

      Yep the Phoenix Suns also won a ton of games without playing D. Remind me again how many championships did those Suns and Mavs teams win without playing D? Both years the Mavs made it to the Championship they were top 10 in defensive points per game. Even after the last Super Bowl you people still act like defense is overrated. Even after seeing what the Spurs accomplish with great team offense and good team defense, people still want to add iso players who cause the ball to stick and play no defense on the other end. I’d take Patty Mills 10 times out of 10 over Carmelo Anthony.

  • CharlesS702

    Well I guess going to Houston probably isn’t as tempting as it once was. Harden won’t give the ball up and Howard’s too busy picking up high school girls to actually work on his game. It looks like the Mavs just leap frogged the Rockets. However I don’t think the Mavs will be nearly as good if they pick up Melo. The last thing they need is a guy who stops the ball movement and takes possessions off on the defensive end. Being from Texas (which means I love seeing the Spurs, Rockets and Mavs succeed) I hope he goes to Chicago. That’s probably the only team above .500 that he’d help. Their major problem was a severe lack of depth and offense. It will also help out the Western Conference teams if the East gets a little stronger. I’m tired of beat up Western Conference teams having to play a fresh Eastern Conference team in the Championship. Every team in the West would have swept the 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 seeds in the East this year and the Heat probably would lose a 7 game series to all but 2 of the Western Teams.

  • Miotch

    I’m sorry but what does the Super Bowl have to do with basketball? And what do you mean by “you people?”

    But I beg to differ on the importance of defense. Look at all the defense Pat Riley coached in Miami, yet he didn’t win a title there until he got Shaq. And I’ll tell you right now, it all has to do with the star players – if Don Nelson had had Jordan and Pippen, he would have won even more titles than Phil Jackson.

  • Shedrick Garrett

    Listen Lebron needs to wake up and opt out and come to Dallas before Anthony does. . LeBron fits the Mav’s perfectly. And we can still trade Jose Calderon and Brandon Wright for Tyson chandler although I love our center tandem. A Tyson trade provides a lot of flexibility next free agency with his 14 million dollar contract expiring. That makes the next free agency period next summer even more promising. The Mav’s will be able to add another solid piece(ELLIS solid or better) along side Lebron and Ellis for future seasons. Lebron can come and play with a better Point guard, better shooting guard better Power Forward and a better center tandem if they opt not to pursue Tyson Chandler than he currently has in Miami. His defensive abilities alone can propel the Mav’s defensive rating into the top 10. Add on the fact he’s coming to a complete team that should also play better defensively, with a year under the belt of playing with each other. His Passing skills and unselfish play can have the Mav’s SPURS like, one of the most unselfish teams in the NBA at every postion on the roster with another unselfish superstar with unstoppable game. It’s a no brainer. The Mav’s only need to make one roster move to bring this entire team back and add Lebron. I think Lebron would take a pay cut if it brought the entire roster back from last year. Maybe Dirk would sign a 5 year 8 million dollar contract if it meant Lebron coming here. Marion would love to back up Lebron and Crowder and sign a cheap contract. The bench on this team would crush every bench in the league. The offensive power of Calderons efficiency and point guard knowledge, Ellis and his unstoppable drive and finishes at the rim( I swear he’s the best finisher at the rim in this league or a least in the discussion), Lebron, and well he’s LEBRON, Dirk and well he’s DIRK would be frightening to every team in this league. You have a Coach who is at the top of his game and at the top of the league as far as best coaches in the game. And Mark Cuban. Shark Tank. Lebron likes to invest. He’s a hustler. He made $30 million off of beats. You think he wouldn’t want to come play for a SHARK,