Charlotte Hornets Should Reunite With Ramon Sessions

By Everick Davis
Derick E Hingle- USA TODAY Sports
Derick E Hingle- USA TODAY Sports

Last season at the trade deadline, the Charlotte Hornets made a desperate move to bring in some shooters for their bench. The Hornets traded away point guard Ramon Sessions and forward Jeff Adrien in exchange for guards Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour. While Neal replaced Sessions as the team’s sixth man, Ridnour replaced Sessions as the team’s backup point guard.

Ridnour did an okay job for the Hornets as a backup, but he didn’t do much to warrant him being re-signed this offseason as he will be a free agent. The Hornets should be looking to bring in a backup point guard to take some pressure off of Kemba Walker and even play alongside him at times. The Hornets had that type of player in Sessions and should look to bring him back this offseason.

Sessions was a good addition to the Hornets when they signed him to a two-year, $10 million contract in 2012. Sessions served as the backup point guard/sixth man and even as the closer on some occasions. Sessions wasn’t much of a shooter, but he thrived as a slasher on the wing who can get to the basket and finish or earn his two points at the free throw line.

Standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing in at 190-pounds, Sessions also thrived as a combo guard who can play with Walker. Bringing in Sessions alongside Neal would definitely strengthen the Hornets’ bench next season as they would feature two go-to scorers in the second unit. Sessions averaged 12.3 points and four assists on the season.

It was understandable why the Hornets moved Sessions as they had to give up something of value in order to bring in Neal and Ridnour. When searching for a guard to strengthen their bench the Hornets shouldn’t have to look far as they already know what kind of player they’ll have in Sessions.

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