Indiana Pacers' George Hill Needs To Be Okay With Doubters

By Nicholas Barker
George Hill of the Indiana Pacers
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For the third straight season, the Indiana Pacers are watching the team that took them out play in the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat have been better than them in the moments that matter, leaving the Pacers with the sour taste of the offseason and looking towards next season.

Many questions will surround this team this offseason, including if starting shooting guard Lance Stephenson will resign with the Pacers, or look elsewhere to try and make more money. After Stephenson, another question that will be raised is whether George Hill is the right fit as the point guard of this team.

Hill is living what many kids in the state of Indiana dream of doing — being the hometown player starting for the Pacers. Although he has struggled at times, it is hard to see Hill playing for another team next season from a realistic finical perspective. He is signed for the next three seasons for a total of $24 million; this is a contract that many teams will not want to take on because of his below par play at times. Despite that, especially if Stephenson decides to play somewhere else, the Pacers will have a little more money to play with, which will could go towards finding a new starting point guard.

Last night, Hill took to Twitter after I’m assuming some doubters made some comments about Kawhi Leonard‘s strong play (the player Hill was traded for three years ago). On twitter he said,

“For every person cheering for you its 5 wanting/ waiting for you to fail!!!!…. #RealFansVSFakeFans”

He followed this tweet by saying that people who leave negative comments for him on Twitter will just be blocked. This sparked an interesting Twitter conversation that took place between Hill and radio personality Dan Dakich of ESPN radio in Indianapolis.

You cannot blame Hill for sticking up for himself and speaking what was on his mind, however, being someone who has played in the league for a few years now, you would hope that he would be able to handle himself a little better on social media.

His quote is very true though — doubters will always surface, especially when adversity hits. It is how you respond to these critics, or not respond, that really matters. As next season gets closer and closer, it will be interesting to see how Hill responds with his play on the court next year.

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