Metta World Peace Blog: Max Player Contracts Mean No Finals

By Metta World Peace

The difference between Jordan, Kobe and the rest. You try to compare Kobe to LeBron. Are you trying to compare Kobe to LeBron? Well, take this food for thought! This blog will have two stories in one within 500 words. Bare with me because I will continue all my blogs.

Who was the last max player to win back-to-back titles? Imagine if Kobe would have taken $10million less. We would have been an even bigger dynasty.

So do I have to say? Ok, I will: Kobe is better than LeBron. Selfish or not, he won and with the max dollar. Not every team can pay the max and go over, I understand. But…anyway, I say that because I don’t think there is a max player today who can get the max dollar and win a title.

So I ask myself, do these players really want to win? Do these GMs really want to win? Do the NBA owners really want to pay? No one is left off the hook. Lift the cap and pay or take less and win.

Now as I get to real sacrifice, call your children around these last words. The Heat and Spurs are the only teams that sacrificed money to get to the Finals. Money is not everything but winning is. Actions vs words. Action wins. Congrats to the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs!
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