Miami Heat Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Would be Terrible Free Agent Fit

By Jeric Griffin
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The Miami Heat’s offseason hasn’t even begun yet and already the rumors of their big moves over the summer are swirling like a dust storm in West Texas. One of the most unbelievable names now linked with the superstar team in South Beach is Carmelo Anthony, and it’s a real possibility.

In a Wednesday afternoon report, ESPN stated the Heat are preparing make a run at Anthony in free agency, which would require several financial changes to create enough cap room to sign yet another superstar.

There’s just one problem: It would never work.

Let’s say the Heat’s Big Three — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — actually do opt out of their contracts and willingly re-sign with Miami for less money. That’s what it would take for the team to sign Melo, but that’s assuming he would also agree to take less money than he could get elsewhere for a chance to win multiple titles over the next four years.

Even if all of that happened, you’re nuts if you think Melo, LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh could all coexist together.

I know, I know: “Everyone said that when the Big Three joined forces in 2010 and now look at them.” But Melo is a different animal. James and Wade both knew they would have to sacrifice being “the guy” while Bosh was just happy to get out of Toronto and play for a winning franchise. Well, Wade knew he would have to sacrifice; LeBron it still “the guy” even on this superstar team.

Anthony, on the other hand, has never been willing to give up anything; he’s always wanted more money, more fame and more shots and he’s never been happy. He’s a terrific scorer, but his regular lack of effort and selfishness have kept him from being a truly elite NBA player to this point. If Miami thinks that’s going to change with him on a team with three other stars of his caliber, South Beach has another thing coming.

So let’s lay this all out: The Heat’s starting five would be Mario Chalmers (assuming he’s re-signed; Norris Cole in his place if not) at point guard, Wade at shooting guard, Anthony at small forward, James at power forward and Bosh at center. Obviously, the folks who know basketball Xs and Os might point out it’s the capability to have at least one of those players on the floor at all times that intrigues the Heat.

True, but take a closer look.

That was the case with the current Big Three when they were figuring things out during their first two years before winning that first ring together. Now look at them: They wilted with Wade and Bosh on the floor at the end of Game 1 of the NBA Finals when James left the game with leg cramps.

Since “figuring things out,” the Heat have now turned into the old Cleveland Cavaliers in that they are too heavily reliant on James. What makes you think a player as mentally weak as Melo would fix that?

Or let’s take the other route and say Melo is just what the Heat need to ensure something like the end of Game 1 never happens again. What happens when James and Anthony are both healthy and both want the last shot to win the game? Let’s especially consider what would happen if the one who took the shot missed. If you don’t think there would be some sort of confrontation between the two players afterward, you’re out of your mind.

So let’s sit back and wait, shall we? Let’s see if these “unselfish” players will truly give up millions of dollars to play together and then let’s see if they can coexist peacefully. I’m willing to bet this is all a bunch of hogwash.

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