Phil Jackson Will Help Derek Fisher Win Coach of the Year

By Dave Daniels
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

Former point guard Derek Fisher was recently introduced as the head coach of the New York Knicks, and he immediately announced his plans to lead the team back to an NBA championship. Phil Jackson was a Knickerbocker the last time the Knicks tasted champagne, and I bet that is not something you have to remind Carmelo Anthony of.

Fisher will go immediately from a playing career to a coaching one, which greatly resembles Jason Kidd’s transition.

It will be fun to see what ‘Melo does next, because his future could hang in the balance. Will he chase a championship elsewhere and bolt to the Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets?


The allure of the Jackson-Fisher duo might be too much to resist though, and that does not even account for all of the money ‘Melo would have to leave on the table. My prediction is that Jackson and Fisher will prove to be quite an effective combination, and one day the former Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard will win coach of the year. It bears mentioning that some coaches of the year have been fired in the past, but I think that D-Fish has at least a three year window in New York. His contract is for five years, and do not be surprised if he outlasts it. The Zenmaster might have just landed his biggest fish yet.

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