Carmelo Anthony Would Be Foolish to Trust New York Knicks President Phil Jackson

Carmelo Anthony

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The situation with the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony is presently like this–Anthony is thinking about Knicks president Phil Jackson‘s request for Anthony not to opt out. Jackson apparently claims that this will give the Knicks financially flexibility to get another NBA star to pair with Anthony.

Yeah, right. Why not just ask Anthony to take a pay cut after he opts out? The reason why Jackson doesn’t do that is because he knows that Anthony is the most valuable asset he has. Another one of the hilarious reasons why Phil reportedly wants Anthony to opt in to his contract is because it would enable the Knicks to get either LeBron James of the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant in 2015.

On what planet does James leave Heat president Pat Riley, with whom James has won two titles, for Jackson and his train wreck  situation in New York? And Durant? Did Jackson watch his MVP speech? Durant isn’t turning his back on Oklahoma City like James did to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jackson and the Knicks also canned Anthony’s beloved coach, Mike Woodson. So there’s no loyalty situation here–Anthony doesn’t owe the Knicks anything. And he can’t trust Jackson, who will probably try to get a first-round draft pick or two for Anthony. So, if Anthony doesn’t opt out–like he initially intended to do–he’ll wind up in a nightmarish situation similar to when Dwight Howard foolishly opted in to his contract with the Orlando Magic last year.

Opting in gives Jackson all the power and Anthony should know that.

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  • Huss

    Great article, Melo should not trust Phil Jackson because Phil would trade him any way. Phil called the Knicks clumsy , he threw MJ and Kobe under the bus in the past and he has publicly made of a fool of the knicks by whiffing on Kerr and getting Fisher so he can make a run at Durant. Melo is not a Phil-kind-of guy. Melo should be a Bull and say the hell with the Knicks. Stat and Tyson are high-priced bums , J.R. Smith has a low BB IQ and Jim Dolan refused to save the Knicks disasterous season last year by not getting rid of Woodson and Felton. Phil is crap and no big free-agent other than Kevin Love will go to the Knicks. I disagree with the “beloved Mike Woodson” comment because Woodson’s dumb decision to play Melo at PF contributed to his shoulder injuries. Go to the Bulls and don’t look back Melo! . .