Ed Davis Would Be Good Pickup For Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Nelson Chenault - USA TODAY Sports
Nelson Chenault – USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Los Angeles Lakers were able to find previous lottery picks who had yet to pan out in the league and offer them cheap, short-term deals to fill out their roster. The team was able to find some steals via this method, and will look to do so again as the Lakers try to field a competitive team. Ed Davis is a young player who was picked early in the first round, but has yet to live up to his potential. The Lakers would be wise to pursue Davis in the offseason as he can still grow into a good player.

Offensively Davis might not score a lot of points, but he shoots a high percentage from the field. He is careful in the shots he takes, and will mainly play off the ball. He has good finishing ability, which would be a good match for the current guards on the team. He also is a good offensive rebounder who will battle to get his team extra possessions.

Defensively Davis uses his size well to contest shots and provide help defense. He is getting better every year and can make defense his calling card in the future. He is athletic enough to cover the mistakes of his teammates, something that the Lakers need to look for in free agency.

It is Davis’s ability on defense that make him an attractive option for the Lakers. The team needs big men who can make their presence felt on that end of the court, something Davis would be willing to do. He is a relatively cheap option, who might prefer a short-term deal to boost his value. The Lakers can offer him plenty of minutes to showcase his talent, something he might not be able to find on another team. Davis would be a good fit for the team next season, both financially and on the court, and the Lakers should make signing him a priority.

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