Julius Randle Doesn’t Need Surgery, Still a Top 5 NBA Draft Pick

By RantSports Staff

There have been conflicting reports this week regarding NBA Draft prospect Julius Randle and his surgically-repaired right foot. After a report came out about Randle needing another surgery that would keep him out until training camp, he started to fall in the latest mock drafts. That was before the former Kentucky star ended the confusion on Twitter:

So there you have it. You also have Randle’s mother, Carolyn Kyles, who refuted the report to CBS Sports, calling it “a lie.”

Of course, there are still other reports on various media outlets from “sources” who say Randle’s right foot, which was surgically repaired during his senior year of high school, hasn’t healed properly and that will require him to undergo another surgery at some point during his rookie season.

So while Randle is falling down draft boards to reports, which now can be described simply as rumors, some NBA team is going to be smart and take him among the top five picks where he should go. Or, some NBA team is going to get lucky and land him later among the lottery picks while the teams holding the fourth through the seventh picks will regret their decision to pass on him.

As stated previously, we still have Randle as a top-five pick in our latest mock draft and that isn’t changing because we heard straight from the horse’s mouth (and his mother’s) that his foot is fine and he’s ready to take his game to the next level — literally.


2014 NBA Mock Draft 6.0

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