Los Angeles Lakers Should Not Bring Back Steve Blake

By Brendan Patel
Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Steve Blake was an important member of the Los Angeles Lakers the past couple of years, earning the respect of one of the all-time greats, Kobe Bryant. He was a fierce competitor on the court who didn’t back down from big moments or star players. He wanted to win, and gave it his all for the team while he was here. Even though he was a great teammate, the team should not bring him back next season.

Blake did a great job of filling in wherever the team needed. He could handle the point, play off the ball, be in the starting lineup, or come off the bench. Whatever he was asked to do, he did it, and did it well. But Blake is getting older, and is unable to keep up with most of the younger guards in the league. His pesky defense isn’t as effective, and the Lakers need to get quicker on the perimeter.

On offense, he is becoming more of a spot-up shooter, and lacks the quickness to beat players off of the dribble. While his leadership would be welcomed, the team already has two veteran guards who they will rely on. The Lakers would be better off giving those minutes to a younger guard with potential for the future.

There is no doubting Blake’s previous contributions to the team, but the organization should not look to bring him back in the offseason. They need to focus on bringing in youth and athleticism to help complement their aging stars, and give them flexibility moving forward. Bringing in another injury-prone veteran will not help the team in the future.

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