Metta World Peace Blog: Dave Chappelle Was Right to Show Up 7 Years Late

By Metta World Peace
Dave Chappelle
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Dave Chappelle was right to show up seven years late to work, even if it meant losing out on $50 million. If money makes the world go ’round and money makes people go crazy, running around in circles trying to get rich is not worth it.

Dave Chappelle and Muhammad Ali are entertainers to look up to. Educational figures, they are. Lessons taught through entertainment. Both could have been great at their respective careers and lived in big homes and died in the sunset. But no, they chose to live. To live for us, to live for purpose.

Sports brings us happiness but so many times when it’s over, we just enjoy your hard earned money you spent on us. But no, not this time. We want you to know how much we appreciate you believing in us to bring you joy.

Today, I stand before you with purpose alongside. When careers are over, you will be educationally inspired. This post was inspired by Dave Dhappelle and Muhammad Ali.

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