Steve Kerr Has All The Pieces In Place To Be Successful

By Wally Jacobs
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When the Golden State Warriors hired Steve Kerr last month, there was a lot of optimism for a guy that has yet to coach a single game in the NBA. But there’s a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to Kerr. After all, he comes to the Warriors with a basketball resume that most players would kill for.

Kerr has three championships with Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls, and another pair of championships with the San Antonio Spurs. Although Kerr wasn’t a star by any means—averaging six points and two assists over his 16-year career—he was always a clutch performer for each of his championship teams.

That’s exactly what the Warriors have needed over the years, a coach that knows how to get to the NBA’s highest level, and has a championship pedigree on top of that. It also doesn’t hurt that he was coached by Lute Olsen, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich.

With Jackson and Popovich being so influential to Kerr’s basketball career, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him run a lot of Jackson’s famous triangle offense, with a lot of the Spurs motion offense mixed in there. If run correctly, the triangle offense can be deadly for a team with multiple shooters due to the superb floor spacing. Jackson himself has already stated that Stephen Curry would be the perfect player in the triangle offense. Andre Iguodala would be the perfect point-forward type to run the triangle—similar to Scottie Pippen with the Bulls throughout the 90’s.

Iguodala is coming off of one of his worst seasons offensively in his career. That is due to the fact that former head coach Mark Jackson had Iguodala camped out in the corner of the three-pont line while Curry and Klay Thompson dominate the ball. In the triangle, Iguodala will have the opportunity to cut and slash to the basket almost every time down. Igoudala is easily one of the best slashers in the league, and the triangle will only highlight his strengths when it is all said and done. If that’s the case, he should have a great next season on both sides of the ball.

Never mind Kerr’s lack of coaching experience, he has over 20 years of basketball experience as a player, broadcaster and a general manager. He knows the NBA just as well as anybody else, if not more. Expect him to be a brilliant coach with the Warriors.

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