Los Angeles Lakers Should Stay Away From Evan Turner

By Brendan Patel
Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

Evan Turner finally began filling the stat sheet last season before being traded midway through the year. He struggled his first couple of seasons after being the second pick in the draft, unable to effectively adjust his game to the professional level. He has gradually gotten better, but will see his value shoot back down after a poor showing in the playoffs.

Turner’s statistics were bolstered by the fact that he played on a poor team, and the Los Angeles Lakers should stay away from him this offseason.

Turner does show the ability to handle the ball and create for his teammates from the forward position. He is a decent rebounder, especially on the defensive glass. However, he cannot play off the ball, as evidenced by his poor shooting statistics. When he does play on the ball, he turns the ball over at a high rate, often times forcing the issue.

Defensively, Turner doesn’t show any special capabilities and struggles with more athletic wing players. The Lakers need to get quicker on the perimeter and not add another defensive liability to the team. Turner would simply add to the problems that the team already has.

While the Lakers will be looking for quality players to fill out their roster, Turner would not work well in Los Angeles. He disappeared during the playoffs, and his statistics were boosted by being on a bad team. He is still a young player who has room to grow, but doesn’t offer the Lakers the qualities that they need to upgrade their team. They should look elsewhere in hopes of improving their roster during the offseason.

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