2014 NBA Finals: Miami Heat Big Three Era On Its Very Last Leg

By Richard Nurse
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh
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How many times can one man write about the Miami Heat’s lack of defense, too cool for school attitude and overall lack of passion for being in the NBA Finals? It’s plain and simple: the champs are playing like they do not deserve to win, so there’s no need for those watching to become angry.

Instead, they should be aiming all of their energy towards the offseason.

We can use that as the reason why fans suddenly stopped booing on Thursday night and decided to chant “Let’s Go Heat”, as if they realized that it could be this year’s last home game with LeBron James and they could be pushing him away.

Unfortunately for Heat fans, it’s about that time that they should start thinking about the one thing they never wanted to consider — the end of the Big Three era. This is the only logical thing left to do, because this series of embarrassment could be the last of the South Beach streak of at least competing for championships.

In the summer of 2010, James came to Biscayne Bay to escape the duty of having to carry a team by himself. But fast-forward to 2014, and he’s doing the same — leading the team in points, rebounds and assists. And let us not forget a regular season with the franchise on his shoulders. Now he looks exhausted.

What Miami has to realize is that they regressed from last year. They weren’t better than the 2013 San Antonio Spurs, and whether they choose to be offended or not, the team hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy because of missed free throws and a lucky Ray Allen shot.

Rather than admit that and upgrade with a few young, hungry role players that fit their mold, the organization stayed comfortable with the old guys who struggled to get them there. Combine that with their point guard no-shows and you have this championship hole. However, the biggest problem is the Heat’s sidekick.

A non-existent, 3-for-13 Dwyane Wade means it’s James versus the Spurs. Which means the Heat are looking like the 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers, with No. 3 playing the role of Larry Hughes.

I hear reporters making the excuse that Wade may be standing around because of his knees, but if his joints are falling apart in the Finals what was the point of resting him for a third of the season? If injury is the case, he needs to look deep inside and admit that he does not have it in him anymore to be “that guy”.

There’s no shame in taking a pay cut with the rest of the guys so that a heavy lifter can take his spot and move him into the Manu Ginobili role.

The team needs to focus on retooling, because the way things are looking, the series might not make it past Sunday. And the fans’ misery will be every Heat hater’s dream — the second collapse of the Big Three.

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