LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Teaming Up On Miami Heat Would Be Awesome for the NBA

By Sean Sarcu
Carmelo Anthony LeBron James Miami Heat
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people reacted to the news that the Miami Heat plan to make a pitch to Carmelo Anthonby rolling their eyes. Many more responded with dread, not wanting an already laughably top-heavy league to become even more lopsided.

However, in this one case, further decreased parity would paradoxically be a great thing for the NBA. Not unlike 2011, everyone would tune in to root against Miami and every regular season and playoff loss would be a huge story. The league has gotten rather dry as of late, with little of real substance to get excited about. An improved super team in Miami reinvigorates that 2011 hate.

The 2014 NBA Finals have been dreadful. The San Antonio Spurs are superior to a silly degree, and the Heat can’t even keep up on their own home floor. LeBron James‘ brilliance on its own isn’t enough to carry the corpse of Dwyane Wade and an ineffective Chris Bosh to a third straight championship, and the “Big 3” is clearly the least intimidating it has ever been. The “Heat as a villain” gag has completely died; frankly, it had lost its luster last season even while Miami was reeling off 27 wins in a row.

Anthony joining forces with James in South Beach brings back the potent, must-watch storyline that the NBA has lacked since 2012. It would also be incredible to watch; Anthony’s performance as a pure scorer on the U.S. Olympic team alongside LeBron was some of the most entertaining basketball in recent history.

The Miami Heat as public enemy No. 1 lasted for two years, and they were probably the two most compelling NBA seasons since Michael Jordan‘s heyday. Blather on about parity and predictability all you want; Anthony joining the Heat with James would make the NBA ridiculously fun again.

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