LeBron James and Miami Heat Need Carmelo Anthony

By Matt Banks
James and Melo
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The recent speculation about Carmelo Anthony coming to the Miami Heat has gained a lot of notoriety in recent days. Many people have scoffed at the idea because they don’t think it will work or they don’t want to see another big piece added by Pat Riley. I think the Heat need another star and James needs Anthony to make another title run.

Many people might find it hard to believe that the best player in the NBA, James, needs help, but as we look back in history, not even the greatest of all time can do it alone.

Larry Bird had Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish. Magic Johnson had James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Kobe had Shaq.

Obviously in this specific scenario, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade helped LeBron win titles as much as he helped them. They have all had their big games and moments when they’ve stepped up.

People have convinced themselves that adding Anthony would kill the chemistry or there wouldn’t be enough shots to go around. Those are just knee-jerk reactions to bringing in another high-profile player.

Anthony is a volume shooter which means he scores a lot but needs a fair amount of attempts to get those points. He took 21 shots per game this season. The Heat got up to 72 shot attempts per game. James, Wade, and Bosh combined 42 shots. That would leave plenty of room for ‘Melo to take and make his fair share of shots.

I’d also add in that Mario Chalmers will likely take a contract elsewhere via free agency. Who knows if Ray Allen will retire? If those scenarios play out then that frees up another 12 shots per game.

I can see Carmelo being added in a couple of situations.

First, I can see him joining the team by a creating a “Big Four.” James is a willing passer with an exceptional basketball IQ. He can command double teams and allow and free up Melo for easy looks. If this takes place, I don’t think it would trouble Bosh too much. In this offense, he has become a glorified set shooter.

The most interesting piece to the puzzle would be Wade. I think if Anthony were to join the team, Wade would have to come off the bench. This way Wade isn’t being counted on. When he does play, he isn’t playing huge minutes and if he needs to rest, he can without hurting the team.

The other scenario is Wade being shipped somewhere else and ‘Melo joining to team with Bosh and James and whatever players they get in return. But Wade isn’t going anywhere unless he’s traded. He’s owed over $40 million dollars over the next two seasons. I don’t think he would walk away because nobody is going to give him that type of deal after watching his play this postseason. The other hang-up is his legacy. The fans love him because he’s been there his whole career. Would Riley pull the trigger on a deal?

James is all about his legacy and winning. I think ‘Melo wants his turn also. Why not pair them together and extend the Heat’s run of dominance?

There are a lot of moving pieces and money involved. It’s tough to turn down millions of dollars, even if you are filthy rich. If Riley and James want this, I think it can happen and would benefit all parties for the foreseeable future.

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