LeBron James Won’t Let NBA Finals Decide Where He Plays Next Season

By Michael Terrill
Getty Images
Getty Images

The Miami Heat have found themselves in a 3-1 hole against the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals. It is actually quite astonishing to watch the Spurs take it to the Heat the way they have done in the first four games of the series. What also will be interesting to see is if superstar LeBron James uses a loss in the NBA Finals as reason to opt out of his contract this summer and enter free agency.

James has insisted that the outcome in the championship series will have no impact whatsoever on his decision over the next couple of months. Even though the Heat have their backs up against the wall and would have to accomplish a feat no team in NBA history has ever done if they want to win their third straight title, James’ mind couldn’t be further away from what he will do as far as free agency is concerned. Instead, he will remain focused on winning Game 5 and keeping Miami’s season alive for at least one more game.

Even if the Heat do indeed lose the series, does anyone actually believe it will force James to leave South Beach? There’s no way that happens. The fact is James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have a good thing going. Another bump in the road that is similar to what they had in their first season together shouldn’t make any one of the Big Three decide to terminate their contract early and enter free agency. The biggest reason for that is they will not find a better situation anywhere else in the league, at least not one that can basically guarantee a legitimate shot at a championship every year.

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