Metta World Peace Blog: Heat Need to Give Spurs Some Competition

By Metta World Peace
LeBron James Kawhi Leonard Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals 2014
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Oh no. Oh yeah. Oh no!! Oh yeah!!! Oh no, the Heat are down 3-1 . Oh yeah, my brother’s favorite team is on its way! What a boring game. What a lopsided game. But what a great time to be a Texan!!

As Johnny Gill would say,”My, my, myyyy, my, my, my, my. Ya sure look good tonight.” That’s how that trophy is beginning to look. I must admit, I wish I could be on the losing team to help bear the winner. I’d much rather compete than have no competition.

That’s one reason why I gave away my championship ring. I want another one. With that said, the No. 1 team in the league is playing against the fourth-best team in the league. I was quoted saying this a long time ago. No one believed me. The Knicks were actually the best team in the league last year, but…ahh never mind!!! How about them Lakers….

Isn’t basketball amazing? This chess match between LeBron and Pop is cool. But now Eric Spolz needs to play. He needs to play a little chess of his own. I really want to see a good game so I can jump out of my seat. I was texting the entirety of Game 4. Oh, how boring!!!!!
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