Metta World Peace Blog: Why I Chose to Coach Pali High School

By Metta World Peace
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Choosing to coach the girls varsity basketball team at Pali High was an easy decision. Coach T is a great leader and the girls work hard. I love Pali High School. I’m also a big fan of Venice High School, Beverly Hills High and University High.

Repeat before speaking: I am not retired. I am still so good. Wow, I’m good. I can still execute any offense a coach has at a high level. My team defense is still amazing and my one-on-one defense is better at my worst than some at their best.

I am also training college players, NBA players and high school players this summer. You can subscribe to my camp and training sessions through

I will not be doing appearances or commercials this season. I will use my off time when not resting to develop my girls team at Pali for about 45 minutes during practice when I can make it.

I enjoy training kids. I am very excited to be coaching this summer also. is the program I coach under and we are in partnership with PHD basketball. Stay tuned for more progress.
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