The 10 Best Dunks of the 2013-14 NBA Season

By Cody Williams

2013-14 NBA Season: The 10 Best Dunks

2013-14 NBA Season: The 10 Best Dunks
Joe Camporeale - USA Today Sports Images

There are many things that the 2013-14 NBA season was short on. With injuries, we were short several stars around the league. The Eastern Conference was short on quality teams, especially in comparison to the West. The list could go on. However, we were hardly short on highlights, monster dunks specifically. These were the 10 best of the season.

10. Blake Griffin Windmill Alley-Oop (2/9/2014)

It’s no secret that Blake Griffin can dunk quite well at this point. As a result, we sometimes can become numb to what he’s able to do. When he busts out jams like this one, though, it’s impossible to leave unimpressed.

9. Tobias Harris Game-Winner (2/7/2014)

If we’re just talking about the merits of dunks alone, Tobias Harris’ dunk doesn’t even sniff this list. However, the fact that you don’t often see a buzzer-beating dunk elevates it to a new level and onto this list.

8. Taj Gibson Mashes on Biyombo (1/11/2014)

On more than one occasion, Taj Gibson proved to be a monster on the inside for the Bulls this season. It was moments like his big dunk over Bismack Biyombo that proved just how destructive of a force that the forward can be.

7. Paul George’s 360-Windmill (1/18/2014)

There’s definitely an argument to be made that a 360-windmill should be much higher on a best dunks list. However, Paul George has done this one a number of times and was in the wide open floor. It’s still awe-inspiring, but that does take away from it just a bit.

6. Gerald Green (So Many Times)

Gerald Green dunked so many times and so impressively that he could be on this list a number of times. As a result, it felt more appropriate to just put all of his dunks from this past year.

5. J.J. Hickson Destroys Marvin Williams (11/11/2013)

When you think about the great dunkers in the NBA, J.J. Hickson probably isn’t a name that necessarily comes to mind. That didn’t matter to him early in the year, though, when he absolutely crushed Marvin Williams with a big finish.

4. Blake Griffin Ends Kris Humphries (1/8/2014)

We’ve all seen Blake Griffin dunk on people and it’s almost always a good time. It’s probably not as much fun if you’re Kris Humphries in this situation, even if Griffin doesn’t technically make contact with the rim.

3. Xavier Henry Skies Over Jeff Withey (11/8/2013)

Xavier Henry hadn’t really been heard from in quite a while in the NBA. Early in the season for the struggling Lakers, though, he had a bit of a coming out party. No part of that soirée was more emphatic than when he demoralized Jeff Withey at the rim.

2. LeBron James Rises Over Paul Millsap (12/23/2013)

To be honest, many of LeBron’s dunks look the same. We’ve seen the big right-handed tomahawk hundreds of times at this point in his career. However, if you put Paul Millsap between him and the rim, that helps to make things look a great deal more impressive

1. Terrence Ross Out Muscles Faried (1/31/2014)

The crowning achievement of Terrence Ross’ sophomore season is most likely him being one of the few 50-point scorers in a game this season. However, close behind that is the moment the Manimal challenged him and Ross ferociously made the hunter the hunted.

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