Metta World Peace Blog: Andre Ward, Bernard Hopkins Need to Fight -- Contenders Canvas

By Metta World Peace
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Getty Images

Andre Ward vs. Bernard Hopkins. Will we see it? Is it a crime or disrespectful to say “Make the damn fight!”? Now we know these guys are not Pay-Per-View blockbusters yet, so I have the solution: They can fight on the Floyd undercard, get paid a ton of money and everybody wins!! Yay! We won!!!……

Ummmmm…hold up. I got a little beside myself, but can you blame me? Did you just blame me? For what? You know I’m right. This is the biggest fight in boxing. Even bigger than Floyd vs Manny.

But it needs to happen now. Bernard is getting older and closer to hanging up the gloves. So, can you guys — fans and civilians — ask for this fight and pay to see it? I got my $59.95 ready to go!
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