The Proposed "Big Four" Is the Purest Example of Team Unity In Sports

By Grant E. Doepel
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When rumors surfaced of Carmelo Anthony joining LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami next season, a collective grown outside of the Heat fanbase could be heard. After all, the last thing we seem to want is the “Big Three” becoming the “Big Four”. Yet, the more I considered the possibility of this, the more I realized that such a collaboration would be the most pure example of unselfishness we have ever seen in sports. Set aside your disdain for the team and/or players and look at it for what it really is on the surface — four of the NBA‘s best players accepting less money in an effort to improve their team.

This offseason, Robinson Cano was criticized for leaving the New York Yankees in search of (ironically enough) the most money he could find on the market. We see this all the time, and we criticize such players for focusing solely on themselves instead of what is best for the team — completely ignoring the fact that we would most likely do the same thing if presented with such an opportunity. Yet, here are four players voluntarily (reportedly) willing to take less money to do what is best for their team and they are heavily criticized.

Perhaps such disgust over this possibility lies within the universal loathing of James? Or perhaps we are a country so focused on the underdogs that we just hate seeing teams that are highly successful. What the Heat are trying to do is completely unprecedented — surpassing their unprecedented deals from 2010. Such a situation would make the Heat arguably the most talented team in the history of the NBA, and the most selfless team in the history of sports (at least off the field/court).

History has been made by the Heat once already within this decade, and if the stars align for such a situation to happen again, these players deserve massive credit. After all, would you take a massive pay cut in your daily life just to ensure the success of the organization?

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