Chicago Bulls Rumors: Kenneth Faried Might Be a Target Before Draft

By Justin Ullestad
Garrett Ellwood - Getty Images
Garrett Ellwood – Getty Images

It’s widely known that the Chicago Bulls are shopping both players and picks leading up to this summer’s NBA Draft and the free-agency period. Per Chicago Sports News, the Bulls reportedly made an offer to the Denver Nuggets that included moving up to the 11th pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, as well as coveted big man Kenneth Faried. The deal was reportedly denied by the Nuggets, but has not been thrown off the table as of this moment.

It’s not stated what the Bulls offered for Faried along with the franchise’s two first-round picks, but one must wonder if Chicago was trying to move Carlos Boozer in this deal. The Bulls are desperately trying to move Boozer before the draft, but do have the option of amnestying the two-time All-Star if they are unable to move him by the time free agency begins. And it would also explain why Denver turned down the offer. Although Boozer is a solid player, Faried is a future star in this league. It will take a lot more for Denver to part with Faried.

There is still potential in this trade, although it may end up being Chicago’s two first-round picks and a role player for Denver’s 11th pick. However, Faried could be pried away from the Nuggets if the Bulls are willing to part ways with Nikola Mirotic or possibly even Taj Gibson (Faried is much cheaper than both).

I don’t see the Bulls looking to move either of those players outside of a blockbuster type trade (e.g. Kevin Love), but the Bulls have stated that they are willing to move parts and spend money to put together a championship-contending squad this summer.

Faried averaged a career-high 13.7 points on 54 percent shooting to go along with 8.6 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 0.9 steals and 0.9 blocks in 27 minutes per game for the Nuggets in 2013-14.

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