Metta World Peace Blog: Videos of Me Coaching Boys Teams

By Metta World Peace

I am so proud to be coaching this summer. In addition to my new coaching job at Pali High, I am also doing workouts with PHD at Inglewood High School while doing one-on-one sessions at UCLA occasionally at equinox great gyms and Westwood rec. This summer has been a blessing.

I am also teaching pre-tennis to kids when I get a chance. I have to admit, I’m horrible at tennis. But I enjoy pushing the kids to fun limits.

Stay tuned for more of World Peace at, my daily blog and my occasional special blogs on my coaching at I will also be announcing my team on while doing a Defensive Player of the Year trophy giveaway on just like the ring raffle.

We raised $700K for mental health awareness and this time I want to raise $2 million. Push me to reach my goals as I push the kids to reach theirs.
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