Brooklyn Nets Can Learn A Lot From San Antonio Spurs

By Eddie Santiago


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs are NBA Champions, and it is well deserved. The Brooklyn Nets are a team that really doesn’t have a track record of greatness and can learn a lot from the Spurs.

Jason Kidd said in his opening press conference when he was hired last offseason that he wants to have a run of greatness like the Spurs have going on down in San Antonio. The Nets need to get a pen and paper out and take notes. One of the first things the Nets can learn is to implement a system both offensively and defensively and stick to it. They need to implement the system and find players who fit in it, not try and fit a system to their players.

The Spurs have constantly found misfits from the rest of the league and made it work for them. Danny Green was cut twice by the Spurs. He kept working and found his role within the organization and is now an up-and-coming player. Not many teams in the league have developed players like the Spurs. In the Tim Duncan era, the Spurs have had only one pick in the teens, and they had to trade to get that pick. It turned out to be 2014 Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

Tony Parker was drafted 28th, Manu Ginobili was drafted in the second round, and Tiago Splitter was drafted late in the first round as well. The Spurs have scouted extremely well, and have been able to find players in the back end of the draft, develop them into their system and maintain their greatness.

It’s hard for a big-market team like the Nets to have patience because of fan pressure and other circumstances, but the Nets need to be patient in the development of players. If you tell fans that you’re rebuilding for a sustained run, they’ll stick around. It’s the quick fixes and years of no planning that drive fans away.

The Spurs are the model franchise in the NBA over the last 15 years, every franchise in the NBA can learn from them on how to run an organization.

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