Brooklyn Nets Need to Bring Back Paul Pierce

By Eddie Santiago
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In a season of ups and downs, Paul Pierce was arguably the best player on the team not named Joe Johnson and the Brooklyn Nets can ill afford to lose him going into next season.

The Nets have brought in 16 brand new players the last two years, and I don’t believe they want to bring in a brand new team for the third year straight outside of Johnson, Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez.

The Nets will want to go into next seasons with some continuity and maybe live up to the high expectations that they were given last season. With a year under their belt, and some chemistry finally built, they might be able to take that next step in the east.

With the Miami Heat on the decline they might want to go for it again next season. The east will be as wide open as ever, if LeBron James decides to leave the Heat and start over with a new team yet again.

The Nets would be smart to bring back Pierce. Although he averaged a career low in points with just 13.5 points per game, his leadership and clutch shot making is something that can’t be measured. The Nets would have two options in the waning moments of games that they can go to.

Pierce is set to be a free agent, but the Nets do own his bird rights. The Nets can offer Pierce anything up to the max deal. Pierce surely won’t command the $15 million a year salary he earned this year, but he may make somewhere close to $7 or 8 million and the Nets should try to match it, and go for broke again next year before completely tearing it down and rebuilding.

The Nets have very little assets left, so they might as well go for it all one more time with the core of players they brought in last season.

Eddie Santiago is a Brooklyn Nets writer for Rant Sports you can follow him on TwitterFacebook, or Google+.

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