Depth is the Biggest Area of Weakness for the Miami Heat to Address This Offseason

By Jared Doyle
June 16, 2014: Brendan Maloney; The Miami Heat have to address their depth issues this offseason.
Brendan Maloney- USA Today Sports

The San Antonio Spurs thoroughly handled the Miami Heat in what was supposed to be an epic rematch of last year’s NBA Finals. Is this such a shocking outcome, considering the roster of each respective team? Not at all. Watching all five games of this lopsided NBA Finals, one thing was clear: LeBron James had absolutely no support. Dwyane Wade seemed to be playing on one leg while Chris Bosh lacked the aggression and size to really combat the Spurs’ amazing frontcourt. Outside of the poor performances from Wade and Bosh, the clearest weakness for the Heat was the complete absence of their bench and second unit.

Depth has to be the top priority for the Heat organization this offseason if they want to continually compete for an NBA title. James will undoubtedly stay in Miami, as will Bosh and Wade (all taking slight pay cuts as they did in 2010). With Shane Battier retiring and several other players’ contracts ending, the Heat will have the cap space and roster room to bring on a whole new set of role players, either through the draft or trade.

The reason the Spurs have been such a successful franchise over such a long period of time is because they not only remain loyal to their players and staff members (big reason why LeBron came to Miami), but they also take the time and effort to truly develop young players. Want proof that this is successful? Look no further than how effective Patty Mills and Tiago Splitter were this year against the Heat in the Finals.

The Spurs have the perfect blueprint for creating a successful franchise, and the Heat need to follow suit. Retaining Wade, Bosh and James this offseason will obviously be priority No. 1. Following that, though, the Heat absolutely need to focus on bringing in young, athletic players to develop over the next few seasons. This will keep the Heat successful and in the running for a title for years to come, so long as LeBron decides to keep his talents in Miami.

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