Kawhi Leonard Proved Himself As MVP of the 2014 NBA Finals

By Dave Daniels
Kawhi Leonard Future San Antonio Spurs
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard has never been one to seek the spotlight, and so we will shine it on him anyway. Many family members wrote to me with the hope that the San Antonio Spurs would get the credit that they deserved after winning the 2014 NBA Finals, but it did not happen.

ESPN gave all of the attention to the Miami Heat and their possible future, which was not exactly a shocker.

I wanted to throw a little bit of press towards Tim Duncan’s team, because the Spurs do not get the amount of stories that they deserve.

Where do you even start with them?

I’d like to begin with Leonard winning Finals’ MVP on Father’s Day. His own father was tragically murdered at his car wash over six years ago, and it does not seem fair that Kawhi had to endure such a trial. He was able to experience joy with his mother last night, but it probably will never fully make up for that gap in his life. Covering young gentleman like him is part of what makes my job so great, because it firmly puts things in perspective when I think of my own supposed trials. Leonard seems like a young player who has been battling some demons, and LeBron James may not seem like that big of a deal when you have endured some of the trials of the Spurs’ forward.

When he held up the Finals MVP trophy though, I bet that Leonard felt a little bit of peace.

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