Kevin Garnett Should Return to Brooklyn Nets Next Season

By Eddie Santiago
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

PF Kevin Garnett needs to come back for the Brooklyn Nets. He may not bring much on the court next season due to age and attrition. What he lacks in production, he’ll make up for in the growth and development of the young players on the Nets.

The Nets may not have many young players, but they still have a few. Marquis Teague, Mason Plumlee and, to a degree, Brook Lopez. All three of them are under the age of 26. Garnett can help the mentality of them and help teach them how to be professionals.

Garnett can still be productive on the court. He can get you a solid eight points and seven rebounds per game. He won’t be the primary offensive player; he’ll likely be the fifth option on offense, and he can anchor down the defense. Garnett is still one of the best leaders and defensive communicators in the game.

With Tim Duncan playing the way he is, you have to think Garnett is gritting his teeth to get back out there and show that he’s not washed up as well. Jason Kidd can put him on a minute’s restriction like Gregg Popovich does with Duncan.

It’ll help develop the young bigs, and be able to develop a bench, something the Nets may have lacked.

The San Antonio Spurs are an organization everyone can learn from. They are arguably the best run team in the NBA, from ownership all the way down to the 15th man on the bench.

Garnett is a key asset to the Nets, not just on the court, but off of it as well. What he’ll bring in terms of leadership and intangibles is more than he’ll do on the court and that’s just as important when it comes to building a championship team.

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