Los Angeles Clippers Smart to Promote Doc Rivers to Team President

By Andrew Fisher
doc rivers
Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers just finished one of the most tumultuous postseasons of all time. While their season didn’t extend into the month of June, the normal hallmark of a team pushed to the limit, it did run to six games in the Western Conference semi-finals during the Donald Sterling fiasco. For a team with average leadership, the Sterling fiasco would have likely caused a first-round exit. But with Doc Rivers running the show, the Clippers still nearly reached the WCF.

So if it wasn’t already clear how important Rivers is to the Clippers, it’s now crystal clear. The Clippers have in turn rewarded him for a successful first season in L.A. with a promotion to team president.

The long-time coach was the team’s vice president of basketball operations a season ago, so this promotion will move him another rung up the ladder. While there are no specific details as to what Rivers’ new job will entail, you’d have to think it will get him more heavily involved in personnel and other big ticket decisions for the franchise.

There’s no doubt that this is a solid move by Clippers. Rivers is a proven winner with a great mind for the game. The Clippers improvement under him this past season was very noticeable, as you could just tell they had a bit more confidence under a coach who’s been to the mountain top.

While the Sterling fiasco is mostly behind the franchise at this point, they’re still not out of the woods quite yet because of a potential lawsuit. But with Rivers accepting this new position, it’s clearly a sign that he’s on board for the immediate future — something he wouldn’t be, if Sterling were still in the picture.

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