Kevin Durant Completely Wrong For Comments Regarding Kawhi Leonard

By Max Zelenko
Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

How come whenever the best player in the world in LeBron James says anything, every single syllable is dissected, but when the second-best player on the planet criticizes a world champion nobody bats an eye? Many of you probably have not even heard the comments Kevin Durant used regarding San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard.

Durant called out Leonard via Twitter, stating that he has been “doing work like this because of the system.” Durant then went on to say that Paul George would be better on the Spurs than Leonard has been. Whether these comments are accurate or inaccurate, they are 100 percent unwarranted from the reigning MVP.

If LeBron makes these same exact comments, everyone goes nuts. Does this not get media attention because Durant did not announce what team he is signing with on ESPN and in front of the Boys and Girls Club of America? Is it because he had a heartfelt news conference when accepting his MVP award?

Durant is an amazing basketball player and seems to be an amazing person off the court. However, for this guy to call out the 2014 NBA Finals MVP is simply not right. It is not Leonard’s fault he has spent his short professional career with the Spurs. It is not Leonard’s fault that he is playing under one the greatest basketball coaches of all time. Those were the cards he was dealt, and he took full advantage.

Nowhere in Durant’s comments does he mention the fact that he had to guard James for almost every single minute he was on the court. Not only did Leonard have to guard LeBron in the championship series, but he also had to deal with Durant himself in the Western Conference Finals. Who came out on top there?

This article is not about whether Durant is right or wrong in his assessment. He just simply and amazingly does not have the credentials to make a criticism of this magnitude. Leonard has now played in two consecutive NBA Finals, has a ring, as well as a NBA Finals MVP Award. If we are going to judge LeBron for everything he says, when he has played in five different NBA Finals and won two of them, then it is only fair that Durant gets some backlash for these misguided comments.

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