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Miami Heat Rumors: Kyle Lowry a Realistic Option if Big Three Opt-Out

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Kyle Lowry

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The Miami Heat are going to make some major moves over the next couple of weeks. That much fans know. But just exactly the kind of moves that will be made, no one is really sure.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, a move to bring in Kyle Lowry is potentially on the table. Windhorst claims the two sides have mutual interest in joining forces, but that several things would have to line up for the PG to take his talents to South Beach.

Money, or lack thereof, is clearly the number one thing in the way of Lowry heading to Miami, as it’s unclear at this time just how much Pat Riley will have to spend on free agents.

If every member of the Big Three opts-in, which would result in salary increases for all three, the Heat would likely not have enough funds to bring Lowry on board. But if the Big Three opt-out and then sign new, less lucrative deals, Riles could have enough money left over to bring in another star like the Toronto PG.

All of this talk could mean the end of Mario Chalmers‘ tenure in South Beach. The usually clutch guard played poorly throughout the postseason and was basically benched by the end of the Finals. He’s a strong candidate to move on from the Heat this summer, so either way Riley could be looking for a new PG.

If the Heat can afford Lowry they should pull the trigger. If they can’t, they’ll have to move on to plan-B, which may or may not involve the Big Three staying together.

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