The NBA Would Be Better Off Without Dwyane Wade

By Matt Banks
Dwyane Wade
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There’s been plenty of talk about Dwyane Wade‘s NBA future. I have a piece of advice for anyone considering signing him — don’t do it! Forget the fact that he’s a shell of what he once was, more importantly it’s about his reputation as a dirty player and a cheater.

Many times people try to sway your opinion and convince you to take their position. I would just like you to watch these clips and try to justify any of these incidents involving Wade.

These weren’t accidents. I often hear that Rajon Rondo just fell awkwardly. Well, that’s true only because Wade leg-whipped him to the ground. Rondo was obviously injured, but did Wade check on him? No, he simply walked away, because he intended for something bad to happen.

The blatant shoves of Richard Hamilton and Darren Collison and the kick to the groin on Ramon Sessions are sickening. There’s no room for those types of plays. They could seriously hurt someone, or possibly end a career. Anybody who tries to to give him a pass on any of these shallow plays needs to give it a rest.

It’s also not a strategic move to throw Mike Bibby‘s shoe off the court. It’s unprofessional and pathetic that he has to resort to that type of childish behavior to gain an advantage.

Then there are the flops. Wade isn’t the only guy who likes to mix in some acting during the game, but he’s a habitual flopper. He looks for the easy way out instead of digging in and playing defense; he’s one of the biggest whiners and complainers in the league. If he doesn’t get the call on one end, he’s going to dish it out on the other. I don’t think an eye for an eye mentality is something the NBA wants its players adopting.

So, just because certain players are stars or have won titles, they can get away with cheating and dirty play?

If Lance Stephenson knocked somebody down like Wade did in those videos, he would be labeled a “thug” and never be able to live it down. When Wade does it it’s because he’s “just a competitor,” or “sending a message” with a hard foul. His actions shouldn’t be condoned any longer.

Remember when he tried to give himself a nickname?

“WOW,” which means Way of Wade, was self-imposed in a marketing campaign last year. Sorry, Wade, it’s never a good idea to give yourself a nickname. Even teammate LeBron James accused him of being lame and corny for that one.

I think all of this is due to his declining career; he understands that he’s not the same player he once was. He has the best player and the biggest star in the league on his team in James, and it reminds him on a daily basis that he’s old news. It wasn’t James who needed help to win, I think Wade saw the writing on the wall and felt himself slipping and needed to ride to coat tails of another star.

He’s going to get a reality check pretty soon when he has to make a decision on his contract. He can opt out and try to get a max deal, but nobody is going to pay a guy who missed 28 regular season games and was awful in the playoffs that kind of money.

I expect Wade to hold the Miami Heat hostage and play out his remaining two years. He’ll get his remaining $41 million whether he limps down the court night in and night out, or sits out 50 games.

Don’t be fooled any longer. The true ” Way of Wade” includes flagrant fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, flopping, trash talk, and sitting out and not earning his paycheck. Wade needs the NBA to feed his own ego, but it would be a better place without him.

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