Kobe Bryant Declares Himself 100 Percent; Year Off Could Prove Huge

By RantSports Staff
Kobe Bryant
Getty Images

With all the talk about the Miami Heat and the future of LeBron James, some people are forgetting that one of the greatest of all time still resides in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant isn’t exactly under the radar these days, but he’s not exactly high profile either.

Kobe did take time out of his recent trip to Brazil for the World Cup to do an interview on many topics such as: his knee, his next coach and his final seasons.

100 percent, says the Black Mamba.

Bryant definitely made some interesting comments throughout that interview. His confidence has not wavered, despite the fact that he only played six games last season. But as frustrating as that had to be, it may have ultimately extended his career.

Kobe has played 18 seasons and the equivalent of two and a half more seasons in the playoffs. That’s almost 21 years of grind on his body. So basically having to take a year off last season, on what turned out to be an atrocious Lakers team, was probably the best thing that could have happened to him.

As for what to expect from the Lakers in 2014-15? It all depends on who they hire as head coach, and what type of free agency strategy the front office goes with. Will they switch into ‘win now’ mode? Or will they try to build up to Kobe’s final season in 2015-16? Or will they just completely build for the future and not worry about Bryant and that elusive sixth ring?

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