Ray Allen Should Sign With Oklahoma City Thunder

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Allen
Getty Images

The end of the road is near for Ray Allen in the NBA. After 18 long years he has a decision to make on whether he wants to give it another go in 2014-15. Some think he’ll retire, others say he could play for five more years. Although he looked great at times during the NBA Finals, it’s probably a stretch to think he could play for several more years. But if he wants to make another run at a ring next season, his body appears to be up to the task.

So, where will the best three-point shooter in NBA history sign if he doesn’t retire?

You can bet that the Miami Heat would love to have him back. It it weren’t for his sharp shooting in the 2013 Finals, they would have lost. He saved the day and extended the Big Three era for at least another season. But based the way the Heat looked in the 2014 Finals, it seems pretty clear that the Big Three era as we know it is over.

My personal take is that Allen should leave South Beach and sign with another contender. A team that’s a piece or two away from reaching the mountain top.

The Oklahoma City Thunder fit that bill and then some. They’re a team that’s this close to making it back to the Finals, and with Kevin Durant playing at an MVP level, their chances will be strong in 2015.

As the Thunder are currently constructed it’s hard to see them beating the Spurs, so adding a three-point specialist like Allen to come off the bench would be huge. OKC was a middle of the road three-point team last season, so there’s definitely room to improve from behind the arc.

But with Allen it’s not really about the impact he’d made in the regular season, it’s about the impact he’d make in the postseason. The guy is clutch and still straight up money from downtown. For a team that’s struggling to get over the hump, timely threes late in the playoffs could prove to be the difference.

Adding Allen alone won’t put OKC over the top, but it would sure help. Whether he has any interest in returning to the same franchise he played for the in the 2000s (SuperSonics) to end his career — I have no idea. But on paper, Ray Allen in OKC makes sense.

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