Charlotte Hornets Get Best of Both Worlds With New Uniforms

By Andrew Fisher
Charlotte Hornets

Many basketball fans were excited to hear about the return of the Charlotte Hornets. One of the main reasons why? Their classic teal and purple color scheme.

But up until now, no one knew exactly what the team’s new jerseys would like look. Would they stay true to the old school? Would they try for a new look? As it turns out they went for a mix both, and they nailed it.

If you’re completely old school, then maybe you’re not a huge fan of these unis. But if you understand that teams have to evolve their look, especially when rebranding, then you probably think these are pretty neat. They’re just old school enough, while still looking modern and HD-friendly.

The Hornets did not use the same designer they used back when the team first launched, even though the guy in charge of designing the old unis offered to help out with the new ones for free. The franchise instead teamed up with Michael Jordan‘s Nike brand, which is no-brainer. MJ owns the team, his players are going to wear his brand’s design (although the jerseys will be produced by Adidas).

It’s also great that they’ve unveiled three uniforms right away. The original Hornets eventually expanded to the purple alternate, so given today’s culture of NBA jerseys it only made sense to have that one available right away because each team has to have at least three. At the same time it will give fans who want to buy a jersey, and there will be many, three solid choices with white, teal and purple.

Overall, these new unis are a job well done by MJ and the Hornets.


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