Chicago Bulls Draft Profile: Kyle Anderson

By Kristen Fazio

Kyle Anderson is one of the more interesting prospects in the 2014 NBA Draft due to his size and position. Anderson played point guard at UCLA, but is now listed as a small forward. His versatility creates a match-up nightmare for opposing teams—making him an intriguing option for the Chicago Bulls.

You could virtually plug him in at any position other than center. He can do a little bit of anything—he’s a more than capable passer averaged 7.8 assists), a superb rebounder (grabbed 10.5 rebounds at a PG), and is a solid outside shooter (shot 48 percent from three and from the field); above all else, he has a high basketball IQ and great court vision.

Anderson is most comfortable playing point guard, but is willing and capable of playing other positions. At 6-foot-9, 230 pounds, he is tall and lanky and needs to get bigger—especially if he is going to play forward in the NBA. However, teams should consider leaving him at point guard because his passing ability and ball-handling skills are his greatest strengths.

As a tall PG, comparisons to Magic Johnson are inevitable for Anderson. One thing that will pop-out at you is his 7-foot-2 wingspan—causing havoc on defense where he averaged 1.8 steals per game. Defensively, he has room to develop under Tom Thibodeau. Anderson can defend guards and forwards but struggled at times to stay in front of smaller, more athletic guards.

His biggest weakness is his athleticism and lack of quickness, which contributes to his struggles against smaller guards. However, it is a double-edged sword—his size and length allow him to pass and shoot over smaller defenders and also post-up and back down defenders for easy baskets.

The Bulls are in need of versatility on their roster and having another player on the floor that can handle the ball alongside Derrick Rose would help facilitate the offense and make the Bulls less predictable. The San Antonio Spurs showed in the Finals that the more ball-handlers and passers you have, the better.

Anderson is undoubtedly an intriguing option for the Bulls and the positives far outweigh the negatives. He will certainly get a long, hard look from Chicago.

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