Golden State Warriors Rumors: Klay Thompson Trade For Kevin Love Not As Bad As It Sounds

By Andrew Fisher
Klay Thompson
USA Today Sports

As each day goes by it seems like there are more and more layers added to the Golden State Warriors/Kevin Love potential trade situation. One day the Warriors are not the favorites to land Love, the next they’re the front-runners. As of yesterday, they appear to be the front-runners once again. It’s now just a matter of the right pieces being put together.

The main piece in question? Klay Thompson.

Originally it was thought that the Splash Brother would not be part of the Love deal. But now he’s rumored to be part of what could be a five-player swap.

Warriors fans are probably having a hard time understanding why Thompson would be part of the package to land Love. After all, his shooting ability is one of the main things Golden State is known for. But when you start looking at contracts, then it becomes a little more clear why he might be sent packing to Minnesota.

Thompson is set to become a free agent at the end of next season, and would obviously be due a substantial raise. Martin, although older and not quite as good, is under contract for another two seasons following the end of next year. Add in the fact that they’d get Barea and the 13th pick as the kicker, and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal for Golden State.

Obviously things can change in a heartbeat when it comes to NBA trades, but given all that’s out there, Kevin Love will more than likely end up with the Warriors, even it takes breaking up the Splash Brothers.

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