Joel Embiid Injury Is Horrible News For Philadelphia 76ers

By Ryan Wenzell

News came down the pipe that Joel Embiid has suffered a stress fracture in his foot that will require surgery. This directly affects the top three teams in the 2014 NBA Draft and namely the Philadelphia 76ers.

It was widely speculated that Embiid was a near lock to go No.1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers after wowing their front office in individual workouts. That would leave one of the two elite wing players in either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker to fall to the Sixers. That can officially be scratched.

It seems like a pipe dream for either to fall to the club now. More likely the Sixers will have a decision to make with the ultra-talented but injury-prone Embiid staring them in the face at No. 3. Will the Sixers pull the trigger on an injury-plagued big man for the third straight summer?

I have major doubts. All along, it’s seemed as if Wiggins has been the Sixers prime target. Now that he very well may be out of the equation and Embiid is sliding, what is Plan B? It is a tough one to figure out.

Dante Exum looks like a frontrunner for the Sixers at No. 3 now. The problem is he and reigning rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams have similar games and play the same position. While it is possible Exum could move to the 2 guard position, that would leave shooting question marks in their back court.

This injury has certainly thrown the Sixers for a loop. It looks like they will have to give up a king’s ransom to potentially move up to the top overall pick and nab Wiggins. There is only one thing certain about next Thursday’s draft. Uncertainty.

This injury to the favorite to go No. 1 overall only adds more fuel to that fire. It should be a very interesting week. The Sixers may have to move to Plan B.

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