Pat Riley's Whining About Scrutiny of Miami Heat is Absurd

By RantSports Staff
Pat Riley Miami Heat
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After four days of seeing memes all over the Internet about his team’s failure and then watching the San Antonio Spurs celebrate their fifth NBA championship on the river walk in South Texas, Pat Riley finally said something. A lot of what he said was bold and made sense, but he also showed that being part of the Miami Heat’s Hollywood style has taken a toll on him.

When asked about the Heat’s poor play in the Finals, Riley went on a small tirade about how the Spurs were given a pass when they “let is slip through their fingers last year,” citing how Tim Duncan wasn’t on the floor when Chris Bosh got the rebound and pass to Ray Allen for the game-tying three-pointer at the end of regulation in Game 6. Riley said his team doesn’t get a pass for coming up short.

“Here in Miami, we’re judged more harshly.”

Duh! Ya think?! When you build a super team full of three future Hall of Famers through free agency, you are definitely going to be judged more harshly. When you talk about winning “…not four, not five, not six, not seven…” then you are absolutely reminded of that when you don’t win that many.

Now that’s not to say the Heat won’t “retool” as Riley said and then end up winning seven total titles, but if Miami thinks it’s going to rub its star power in the faces of everyone else and then not hear about it, the folks in South Beach have another thing coming.

Look, Riley is one of the most respected figures in NBA history and he said a lot of respectable things during his 55-minute Q&A session on Thursday, but the whining about his team being judged harshly is absurd because he should know better than anyone that scrutiny is expected and justified.

To use your own words, Pat: “Get a grip.”

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