Boston Celtics Rumors: Rajon Rondo Should be Traded if Kevin Love Deal Fails

By RantSports Staff
rajon rondo trade
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When Kevin Love recently made a weekend trip to Beantown, everyone assumed he would wind up with the Boston Celtics. However, recent reports suggest the C’s are virtually out of the running for his services and now they’re already planning for the worst: Rajon Rondo will reportedly be traded if the Love deal falls through for Boston.

Although Love’s trip to Boston seemed to be telling when he attended a Boston Red Sox game with Rondo and was offered moving help from David Ortiz on Twitter, the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets have both upped their offers for Love and have made it a two-team race for the big man’s services.

Denver is reportedly attempting at three-team deal that won’t include its No. 11 overall NBA Draft pick while Golden State is preparing to put up half of the Splash Brothers duo in a deal that would send Klay Thompson to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Basically, the Warriors and Nuggets have more to offer than the Celtics and are willing to put up the kind of value Boston just can’t match. Therefore, the C’s are looking at their Plan B, so to speak, which means moving on completely from their 2008 title team.

As mentioned above, the Celtics are planning to trade Rondo if they don’t land Love, which actually wouldn’t be a bad move for them. This is especially true if they package Jeff Green in a deal with Rondo, which is what NESN is suggesting is the most likely scenario.

Rondo will be a free agent following the 2014-15 NBA season and Green could be as well if he opts out of the final year of his deal via player option. Thus, the C’s could likely find a team looking to make room for next offseason to take on Rondo and Green’s expiring contracts.

In the process, Boston could get draft picks and/or young players to start rebuilding for a future with new stars in green and white.

Of course, there’s also the speculation the Celtics will package Rondo, Green and basically anything else necessary to land a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder that would bring Russell Westbrook to Boston. That would give the Celtics an elite scorer around which to build a new roster while giving the Thunder a true point guard who would complement Kevin Durant much better than Westbrook does now.

Either way, it’s looking like Love will be gone from Minnesota soon and Rondo will be leaving Boston as well. We said the NBA will look a lot different next year and now we’re starting to see that take shape.

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