Cleveland Cavaliers Go In Odd Direction With Hire Of David Blatt As Head Coach

By Andrew Fisher
David Blatt Cleveland Cavaliers
Getty Images

David Blatt has been a coach for the last 20 years. That much Cleveland Cavaliers fans should like. The only problem, is that he’s never coached one minute in the NBA. He’s what many are calling a ‘Euroleague Icon’, but just how that will translate to the NBA, no one is quite sure at this point.

All of this means one thing to me — LeBron James is not coming back to Cleveland. More signs are pointing to him keeping his talents in South Beach (mainly Pat Riley calling him out), and it’s really hard to see him wanting to play for a rookie NBA head coach.

Blatt could very well be the next big thing in the NBA. Who knows what the future holds? But it’s just a bit of a puzzling hire when you consider all the proven NBA head coaches available. It’s not like the Cavs could just pick and choose whoever they wanted, but you’d think they could have convinced someone with some NBA experience to coach the franchise.

As with most changes of directions, it will be best for Cavs fans to see how things go with Blatt on the sidelines before they rush to judgement. But it’s sports, so you know there are a few folks ticked off at this hiring.

Can David Blatt’s success in Europe translate to The Association? Will Kyrie Irving be on board? Do the Cavs have any chance at landing LeBron now?

These are just a few of the questions on the minds of those in Cleveland.

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