Joel Embiid Out 4-6 Months, Already Looking Like Next Greg Oden

By Andrew Fisher
Joel Embiid NBA Draft Combine
Getty Images

The news following Joel Embiid‘s foot surgery is of good and bad nature. The good news is that everything went as planned, and the surgery has been deemed a success. The bad news is that he’ll now embark on a four-to-six month road to recovery.

Here’s the official statement from Dr. Richard Ferkel, who performed the operation on the NBA prospect:

“Two screws were inserted into the navicular bone in Joel Embiid’s right foot. The surgery went very well and I’m confident that after appropriate healing he will be able to return to NBA Basketball. Joel tolerated the surgery without difficulty and will begin his rehabilitation in the near future.”

So eventually, in theory, Embiid will return to full health and be able to resume his pursuit of an NBA career. In theory.

Call me pessimistic, but this guy seems to have bad draft pick written all over him. It’s crazy, because he was pretty much a lock to go No. 1 just 48 hours ago, but now his stock is plummeting faster than an anvil headed for Wile E. Coyote’s head.

While it’s unfair to call him the next Greg Oden just yet, those days could be here sooner rather than later. This is Embiid’s second serious injury in less than a six month span. For whatever reason, likely sheer body size, once centers start to get hurt — they tend to stay hurt.

You now have to believe the former KU star will drop into middle of the first round. It’s really hard to see a team using a lottery pick on a guy that appears to be injury prone, and that won’t likely be ready until 2015.

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