Kevin Love, Golden State Warriors a Match Made in Heaven

By Brian Neal
Kevin Love Golden State Warriors
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Some things just go really well together: Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, swashbuckling and pirates — bet you weren’t expecting that one.

In the case of where Kevin Love might and should be traded to, his perfect match is the latest rumored destination, and that would be the Golden State Warriors.

The alleged offer has Golden State sending David Lee, Klay Thompson and a future first-round pick. But even if all that isn’t enough, which that’s not a bad deal for the Minnesota Timberwolves to accept in the first place, they should be willing to do whatever is necessary to acquire Love, because K-Love and the Warriors would go better than even swashbuckling and pirates — no joke.

Now let’s just say that the T-Wolves do accept that proposal; the Warriors would then have a starting five of Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Love and Andrew Bogut — or at least something similar, as they could opt to keep Barnes coming off the bench as the sixth man and find a new two-guard. Regardless, that would be one of the most formidable lineups in the entire league and would easily put them as one of the favorites in the West.

And really, that type of deal would solve many of the issues the Warriors have. It would provide some veteran leadership, an extra dash of star power, give them a true low-post presence on offense and potentially make them the best rebounding team in the NBA, as they were already in the top five last year.

The only area it doesn’t enhance is really defense from the four-spot, as Love doesn’t make his mark there. However, his pairing in the frontcourt with Bogut will work great, as the latter is essentially an enhanced version of Nikola Pekovic when healthy.

In return, the T-Wolves would get one of the better young shooting guards in the league in Thompson, making Kevin Martin expendable; or they could even run Martin at the two and Thompson at the three. And then Lee, while not at Love’s caliber, would be able to transition nicely as their new starting power forward. They would also receive a pick or two and maybe even another small piece in the deal, and it would be one of the more solid offers they could take that is currently on the table.

And that’s really just it for Minnesota. They’re not going to win in this situation of trading Love, but it’s better to get as much in return as possible than lose him for nothing after next season. Considering they’re still not ready to contend, they’d be smart to make a move like this now while they can.

While it’s certainly far from a done deal, the Warriors would be wise to push this move hard. Acquiring Love would finally make them true contenders.

Argh! Why? Because pirates. And swashbuckling. Now I want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean

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