New York Knicks Player Profile: Cole Aldrich

By Gustavo Braga
Cole Aldrich
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

When a fan thinks about the New York Knicks‘ 2013-2014 season, few positive features really come to mind. We will take a look at a few players that showed great potential and are supposed to be in the roster for next season.

This player today is Cole Aldrich.

A 4-year veteran out of Kansas, Aldrich was drafted by Oklahoma and played in Houson and Sacramento before signing with the Knicks in 2013. A true old school center, Aldrich was never a starter, always filling in for other guys, but during the last stretch of the season, after Phil Jackson joined the franchise and publicly praised his game, Mike Woodson decided to better utilize him and was not disappointed. On his first start with the team, Cole Aldrich put up a double double and surprised everyone on both ends of the floor.

A defensive force, he protected the rim like anyone else on the team, providing a solid presence in the paint either playing small ball with Carmelo Anthony as power forward, or playing big with Amar’e Stoudemire and Anthony on the floor. An astounding rebounder, he prevented second chance plays, something that had killed the Knicks in a lot of games.

Offensively, Aldrich has the posture of a true old school center. Again, his rebounding came into play many crucial times and as a finisher, he not only ran pick and rolls successfully but also created some shots for himself with a competent baby hook he somehow developed as a bench player.

All in all, the Knicks will have good depth and great potential at the center position if they decide to keep Aldrich — and after the reports that Phil Jackson is a fan of his style of play, I’m sure they will.

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