Brooklyn Nets Should Take a Look at CJ Fair

By Eddie Santiago
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is next week and the Brooklyn Nets don’t own a draft pick in either round of the draft due to trades. Rumors are out there that the Nets are going to look to buy a pick either late in the first round or in the second round.

The Nets might look at CJ Fair come next Thursday’s draft. The 6-foot-8 215 pound forward out of Syracuse is an intriguing prospect for the Nets. Fair will be turning 23 prior to the start of next season and is a player known for athleticism and his scoring ability.

Fair was the leader of the Orange this past season, averaging 16.5 points per game. He has a lot of his game to work on, especially his shooting touch. He shot only 42.9% from the field and just under 28% from the 3-point arc in college. So really in the pros he’s looking to be a defensive stopper. Fair is projected to go either undrafted or in the late second round, right where the Nets might be able to snag a pick and draft the versatile defensive forward out of Syracuse.

He could fill a need for athleticism on the wing, which is something that the Nets have very little of. The Nets should draft Fair because of the versatility and depth he can provide at both forward spots, though he would be more of a small forward in the league because of his height and slender frame. At this point this feels like a realistic place for the Nets to get him — they have $2 million to spend, and many other teams looking to buy a pick have more money and assets to spend.

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