Los Angeles Lakers Should Give Jordan Hamilton a Chance

By Brendan Patel
Chris Humphreys - USA TODAY Sports
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Los Angeles Lakers were able to convince players to take one-year deals with the hopes of improving their long-term value. Most of these players were former first-round draft picks who had yet to prove their worth in the league. Jordan Hamilton is one such player, with plenty of talent but who just hasn’t been able to produce consistently. He will likely be looking for more playing time, as this may be his last chance to prove that he belongs. Luckily, the Lakers will have plenty of playing time up for grabs next season.

Hamilton is a scorer who would give the team a scoring threat off the bench. He does shoot a low percentage from the field, but is extremely confident when he plays. He is aggressive and fearless when attacking the basket, and won’t shy away from big moments. He has become a threat from outside and should continue to improve that aspect of his game. He needs to become a better passer, but could learn the tricks of the trade from veteran Steve Nash.

Hamilton has the potential to become a very good defender. He has good size and is physical enough to contain stronger players on the wing. He rebounds well from the small forward position, an underrated skill of his.

Hamilton will likely be looking for the minimum and may not have a lot of suitors when free-agency opens. The Lakers need to take advantage of this and convince him to come back to his hometown for one last opportunity. He still has the ability to become a very good player, but he needs to be in the right situation to produce.

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