Marvin Williams May Be Inexpensive Option for Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers will be on the lookout for players hoping to sign short-term deals, and Marvin Williams may be one of them. He will be entering his prime in the next couple of years, but it is unlikely that he will receive a large contract based off of his last couple of seasons. He may want to choose to sign a one-year deal to help boost his value on a team where he could see a lot of playing time.

After being the second pick in the draft, Williams never truly fulfilled his potential. He has good size and athleticism at the small forward position but has not been able to take his game to the next level. His shooting has improved over the seasons, and he is a good slasher, but he should be doing more on offense. He is versatile enough to play both forward positions, and can create mismatches against the majority of players guarding him.

Williams also has room for improvement on the defensive side of the court, but would be an upgrade over the the wing defenders on the team last year. His size would be a welcome fit on the perimeter next to Kobe Bryant, and give them someone to match up with the scoring forwards in the league.

The Lakers need to find inexpensive contracts to fill out their roster for next season. Williams is a player who could take advantage of this situation and use it to boost his value for a larger contract in the future. He would get plenty of playing time to display his talents and give the Lakers a talented wing player. He is still young, and may just need to be in a different situation to be successful. The Lakers should consider him in the offseason for the right price.

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