San Antonio Spurs Above Offseason "Frenzy"

By winstonharris
San Antonio Spurs
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While the NBA world brainstorms about their next offseason move, the San Antonio Spurs can sit back and watch the drama unfold with a champion’s peace and understanding. For most, the offseason will be a time that can make or break a franchise, but for some reason the Spurs have learned to take it in stride and adjust to the demands set before them.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Spurs have quietly built one of the most successful dynasties in league history. The five Larry O’Brian trophies weren’t attained by accident, but by careful and strategic moves in the offseason. How else could you explain the effectiveness that San Antonio has exhibited with only two first-round draft picks (David Robinson and Tim Duncan) and only one other top five pick (Sean Elliot) in franchise history.

The actions of Spurs’ owner Peter M. Holt and general manager R.C. Buford, are reaping beneficial results, none of which were more highly displayed than this year’s championship. The phrase “built not bought” swirled around when the NBA Finals started in reference to Miami Heat’s president Pat Riley “buying” the talents of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The phrase does the Spurs justice in the sense that they have found a way to build a lineup without going for the best players on the market. Instead they seek out players willing to play for someone or something other than themselves.

You rarely hear about contract disputes, off-court issues, player-coach discrepancies or any other conflict noted in professional sports when it comes to the Spurs. Their unified understanding of excellence has allowed their players and personnel to fulfill potential in every aspect. The collective mind of the Spurs has removed them from the circus that is the offseason and will continue to provide the blueprint of organizational achievement at the highest level.

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