The Los Angeles Lakers Should Trade For Omer Asik

By Brendan Patel
Jaime Valdez - USA TODAY Sports
Jaime Valdez – USA TODAY Sports

Omer Asik owns one the more expensive contracts in the league for next season, with a cap hit of almost $15 million. He was a backup center, and certainly cannot be considered worth his massive price tag. But he is also a huge expiring contract, and the Los Angeles Lakers should explore a trade to bring him to town. The Houston Rockets want to clear as much cap space as possible in pursuit of another superstar, and should be willing to attach a draft pick with Asik.

Asik is a very good rim-protector who uses his size to provide excellent help defense. In the playoffs, he was asked to guard LaMarcus Aldridge and made things very difficult for the skilled power forward. The Lakers badly need a big man who can cover what their guards lack in quickness, and Asik would be a great fit.

He doesn’t need the ball on offense to be effective, but can finish plays off if need be. He shoots a high percentage from the field and is improving as a free-throw shooter. He is a good rebounder who is able to create second chance opportunities for his team.

The biggest reason for trading for Asik is obtaining another first-round pick. The Lakers need to add picks in a deep draft, and several teams will be looking to clear salary space in hopes of signing a superstar. In order to do so, they will have to convince teams to take bad contracts by giving up a draft pick. The Lakers need to take advantage of this situation, as it will make their team better for a season and also allow them to be flexible in the future.

Asik won’t make the team a contender, but he will help improve their defense. His contract will come off the books after the season is over, giving the team plenty of cap space in the future. They may not be able to sign another star this season with Asik’s contract, but they might be better off waiting another year to find their next star player.

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